My first EVER Work! Blue, broken in, and so fab!!!

  1. Well, I never thought the Work would work for me, but I was still tempted because so many ladies are rocking the Work and I can use the space. Soooo when I had the chance to get this one just slightly pre-loved and broken in, I jumped! :heart: She arrived today in the early morning and I had only a few minutes before leaving for work, so I put all my stuff in and used her right away. I kept looking at her all day :shame: I'll carry her again tomorrow and I'm beginning to wonder whether I'm a Work girl after all!! :yahoo:

    I think the color's Cornflower '06 and she has silky, only slightly veiny leather :love:

    Here are a few pics, I hope you like her too (pls never mind the button, I didn't mean to be political here, I just only saw that I took the pics with it! :push:smile::

    cornflower-work-front.jpg cornflower-work-back.jpg cornflower-work-brokenin.jpg cornflower-work-frontheld.jpg
  2. she's a beauty! Enjoy!
  3. I am a big fan of the work size! Love your bag, and I bet it looks great on you!
  4. Thank you! :love: I'll be taking modeling pics tomorrow as it's already night here...

    She hasn't faded in the least, either she's too dark a color or the '06 bags don't have this problem...

  5. oooh, the leather looks so touchable, and the blue is great! congrats!
  6. SoF... shes gorgeous.. is that an 05 Navy? I like ur button too!
  7. Wow!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
  8. She looks too dark for a corndflower. Maybe an Indigo or Navy? Regardless, Stunning!!
  9. wow! congrats!
  10. Hmm it's a '06 according to the Y at the end of the silver tag?

    Here's a small part of color:
  11. it's sooooooo lovely!! congrats!!

    i miss my FB work.. :sad:
  12. Congrats on your first Work!! It is gorgeous!!
  13. I love the color, and the leather looks amazing! :love: Congratulations!
  14. She is absolutely gorgeous! :love:
  15. Dear South, Congrat for your first work!
    That is a beautiful beautiful colour, size and leather!!!

    Can't wait for the modelling pics!