My first ever VERNIS piece!

  1. Wow----this material is awesome!!!:yahoo: :drool:

    This cles is larger than the mono!
    cles 002.jpg
  2. ^---man o man I LOVE my speedy! lol!!
  3. Congrats!! I looove pomme vernis, it looks great on your speedy :nuts: You said the cles is larger than the mono, but does it actually fit more/less because of the vernis leather?
  4. UMMMMMM................ I'm not sure about that---- maybe they are the same size inside, it's just the way the vernis cles is sewn that makes it look bigger.......

    And this one is made in Spain also! All of my azur pieces sans Speedy were produced in Spain!

    the interior is SOOOOOOOOOOO soft!!!!
  5. it even *SMELLS* different than the Azur and the Ursula-- which also have their own smell.........
  6. Lovely, congratulations!
  7. yay congrats! love the pomme! I love my vernis cles, dont be afraid of using it either! xx
  8. So pretty!!!
  9. I love it.
  10. thank you everybody!

    accessories make the day 'eh?! I love 'em!
  11. Congrats ... the pomme looks stunning on the azur:heart:
  12. I am going to have to get something in Pomme before it is discontinued as red is my favourite colour. It looks gorgeous against the azur..
  13. congrats, i also have the pomme cles. I love the interiour aswell, the soft leather hehe.
    it doesnt fit as much inside as the mono though, everythings a MUCH tighter fit, but i just keep cards in it.
  14. Lovely, congrats!
  15. the pomme vernis is so hot!!! Congrat's.