my first ever trip to hermes

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  1. so i went to hermes on madison today to get my gold pegasus. omg you could lose your mind in there. everything is so pretty! they had a few kellys on display and i talked to the SA for a while about twillys and leathers and colors. i told him i'm trying to learn. if anyone needs a great SA at madison- lee is super nice and very patient! i also ordered the black leather and gold necklace to wear the pegasus on- i can't wait to get it. they should be overnighting it to the store so hopefully i'll get it around thursday.

    if anyone was looking they have the pegasus, the sailboat, the hippo and some of the h cadenas there.

    and oh the scarves. so beautiful. i wish i could buy one to frame on my wall!
  2. Congratulations! Lee is a super guy. Just thought you would like to know, he is also the floor supervisor and leather expert in the store. And........*ahem*.............the source of a lot of my information. I can talk Hermes with him all day.
  3. ^^^^ yes, total sweetie. Glad you had a great time at H. Please post pics of your new goodies so we can drool.....
  4. oh really?? i lucked out getting him the first time in then. he was the one who called me back when i called to inquire about the cadena the other night. i could not believe how nice he was. there was someone else there to see him and i kept saying oh it's ok i know you're busy but he didn't mind chatting with me at all.

    i so want a leather bracelet. maybe i'll ask for one for my birthday. though i have a big list for that already. lol
  5. Glad you had a great time. I've spoken to Lee on the phone before too when I was buying bands for my watch awhile back.
  6. he was also super sweet because i wanted to try the pegasus on and he opened a brand new one for me- just out of the plastic wrapper. then he said, oh to try it on just use the display one so yours stays perfect. LOVE THAT.
  7. Here It Is!

    of course now that i opened it i'll never get the ribbon the same again....
    IMG_3745.JPG IMG_3747.JPG IMG_3749.JPG IMG_3751.JPG
  8. Oh, lovely!
  9. how i wish i had madison ave as my local !
  10. It is so nice to hear what a great first Hermes experience you had. The Madison Ave. shop is the best candy shop in the world. I have also had a few wonderful experiences with Lee and he has been so helpful despite it not being my primary store. I hope that this is just the first of many positive Hermes trips for you!
  11. Congratulations on your pegasus!! You have opened the door to Hermes -- a wonderful addiction!
  12. thanks everyone!

    this is probably it for me for hermes for a while (been a little nuts on the lv and want a chanel bag next) but oh how a girl can dream. and dream i did walking through that store! if they had had a black and white boduluc twilly it would have come home with me but lee told me they don't make them anymore. sniffle.
  13. congrats!! what a wonderful first time u had!! glad u enjoyed urself! i have yet to visit that store and will have to be on the lookout for this wonderful "lee" person! :yes:
  14. That is beautiful :biggrin:
  15. Awww, Lee is great!
    I've only dealt with him once just to buy my little Tiger, but he went through all of them with me and helped to decide which colors of which animals would look best on the bags that i have, etc. He showed me how to put it on, and was very sweet and helpful, even with such a small sale. :love:
    I'd go to him all of the time if only Mad Ave was "my" store! :crybaby:
    BUT i DO plan on buying a Birkin or Kelly from him in the future! Hopefully summer/fall this year!