My first ever reveal!!!

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  1. OMG, I can't believe my 1st Hermes arrive today!!! Got it from an ebay seller: cozzi_88 at an unbelievable price. :yahoo:

    Something orange.. Something small (but big to me)...

    Question: Can I bring it down to any Hermes store to authenticate it? What should I say? Bought from ebay? Or gift from a friend?

    It is heatstamp SM (I in a square) but in brand new condition with the leather smell and the interior leather feel so soft!! I love it! Exterior should be Togo leather.

    What could it be?
  2. You could take pics and bring it to the Authenticate thread as a start,

    Can't wait to see it
  3. The lovely orange box

    Its wrapping.
  4. Let's see!!!
  5. Waiting for more pix! :popcorn:
  6. Something to match the box color:
  7. bring it!:o)
  8. I do't think an Hermes store will authenticate. My understanding is that if you take an item for cleaning or repairs, if it's not authentic, they
    won't accept it. If they accept it, then you know it's OK. Therefore, I agree with Perlerare - post it on the Authenticate thread and let
    the experts have a look.;) Good luck - I look forward to seeing it!
  9. Woohoo, the dogon wallet waist belt pouch bag. Whatever you call it. LOL

    An idiot question (I never wear belts hence this stupid one):
    How do you connect the two ends of the belt together?

    My fiance (a belt person) said: push inside the both rings then turn back into the middle and re-ring into the 2nd ring. Right?
  10. Gorgeous!! H orange is beautiful. Congratz!!!
  11. Love the color! Congratulations :smile:
  12. Looking to see the modeling pix! ;)
  13. Wow orange is beautiful..congrats
  14. Beautiful orange, congrats!!
  15. Congrats perfect color for your first H :o)
    Run the strap end through both metal circles (# 1 and # 2)then bring it back around over # 2 circle and through #1 circle) that's it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.