My first ever Mono and a fun story


May 31, 2014
Some background, I am very much in love with LV hand bags but only have really been excitedby Epi bags. I do have a few pochettes in DE and DA, I even have an Lumi Emprientebut I have never been into the Monogram bags As much as I am obsessed with LVbags, I am way more obsessed with anything sparkly; which has lead me to mymain hobby/part time job which is belly dancing because where else can a personwear sequin from head to toe and get away with it. Couture belly dance costumesare expensive and a dancer needs to trade out their closest often becausepeople want to see something new and exciting. As a result most costumes mayonly be worn once or twice. Hence there is a market for used costumes. Belly dancersfrom all over the world sell and trade costumes via a few websites. So a dancerin California posted that she had a Popincourt Haut that she would like to sellor trade for a costume. I happened to have a costume that I hadn’t worn in afew years that was worth about the same price she was asking and might fit hermeasurements, she liked it and we traded. I shipped the costume last Friday andshe shipped the Bag on Friday as well. On Monday I received my first everMonogram handbag.

I love the size and style of the Popincourt Hautbut still not sure about the Mono yet. Although this one is well loved andcould use some piping replaced I am pretty much falling in love with it.


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Mar 4, 2008
That is a great story. Glad it worked out well for the both if you. You'll come to love the mono (hopefully) as it is quite lightweight and easy to care for. Enjoy!!! Keep on belly dancing :smile:


Aug 20, 2013
The Garden State
Love the story and awesome you were able to trade something you don't use anymore for something you hopefully will use a ton. Congrats and enjoy!!


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Dec 11, 2012
It's really pretty! I love Mono and hope it grows on you too. Congrats on the bag, hope you enjoy it!