My first ever Michael Kors REVEAL!


May 18, 2009
Alright, so I told myself I wasn't going to buy anything, but I was out of town at the doctors office, and went shopping after to reward myself for having to do blood work ( excuses... excuses, I know) :smile:

I was actually going to buy myself my first coach, but happened upon this MK and was instantly in LOVE!

Ever since my mbmj, I've been really picky about leathers, and this bag lived up to EVERY expectation I've ever had. It's so THICK, mushy and rich, and I couldn't be happier with it. Another thing I noticed on first glance is the hardware, how pure and EXPENSIVE it looked. Also, the lining and the interior is just as amazing quality wise as the outside. What's best? It was on sale for 149 :smile:)))

I went off for a while and walked around the store and went into the bathroom/lounge to think it over before I made an impulse buy, and within a few minutes, I came bursting out of the door muttering to myself " mama's comin baby, mama's comin!"

so thus,

the Jennings in MAGENTA!:

( I'm 5"6 and a size 6, in case that helps, and I really thought it'd be too small but it's perfect for me )

it's also showing up much more pink that it really is...






^ Looks like I'm trying to make a tripod with my arms, please forgive that! lol
Jun 25, 2008

It's so cute! I love the size (it's perfect) and the scrunchy leather. :love:
The leather on these MICHAEL MK bags is to die for.

I'm glad you chose an MK over a Coach. If nothing else, you're less likely to run into someone with your MK than with a Coach.

Thanks so much for posting modeling shots, too. You and your new MK look great together. Kongratz!


May 18, 2009
thanks so much everybody :smile:

lol coach lover too :smile: I'm glad. I laughed at myself too because I couldn't believe I was saying that as other people trying to pass me were going by. The things I do( and say ) for bags... karmen, feeling the coach leather AFTER feeling the MK leather, I just wasn't that impressed. That was the first time I had actually felt of and really paid attention to coach bags ( as most of my hunting them down and looking at them was online) but I'm glad I went with the MK too! I can already see that I'll be a fan for life
I love some of the coach styles, but too many people have the same thing. Some don't care, but I kind of like to be slightly different.