My first ever LV

  1. I wrote a little bit about this in the general handbag forum, but that was mostly about the tiny bit of woe that came afterwards with my mom.

    Anyway, my birthday is on the 4th but I made a mad dash to LV on the 31st because of the price hike. (What I realise now however, is that even if I bought it after Nov. 1st the price would have still been the same :shame:smile:

    This was my second time in the store, my first time wasn't the best and I kind of hesitated going in now. But then I just told myself that it's just a retail store and I am a customer afterall, and head straight toward the counter. The lady helping me was very nice, I asked to see the epi pochettes in red and black (tough decision!) and decided to go with the black one. Then SA asked me if I would like a box and I accepted excitedly...I probably looked like a weirdo haha. She wrapped it up and all that jazz and to be honest, it's a very nice feeling walking around the mall with a brown bag for some reason.

    So now here is my epi pochette...first LV piece ever.:love: I can also say that I would never have thought that I would buy an LV bag before I came to this forum. This is such a wonderful forum, I really thank you all for the threads you make becaues they influenced my choice a great deal!

    My only problem is that the hardware is silver and not gold, but the SA told me that the gold might have been an older version. But that's just a minor issue, it's still a beautiful bag!

    Oh and a quick question, when I was being rung up the girl ringing my purchase asked for my name, address, phone, etc. Does anything usually come out of this? Or is it just to keep a record of my buying habits at the store?
  2. hey congrats on your first LV. that's a nice one.
  3. Congrats !

    And it's just a record at the store.. although it DOES help if you become a frequent visitor that they know how to contact you ! :yes:
  4. wooohooo...welcome to the dark side LOl Congrats!
    The name/address thing is a way to contact you in the future (send thank-you cards sometimes, etc.). Also a way to track spending to determine if you qualify for a VIP status./
  5. Congrats! For my Bday this summer I had the same decision to or black epi pochette. I went with the red. It's gorgeous and all, but the black is a wise choice! Enjoy!
  6. congrats!
  7. Do all high end stores keep track of your purchases? I've made like 2 or 3 at Chanel but they never did anything like this. :shrugs:

    and lol I can see how this is the dark side...I just got this yesterday and i'm looking at what to buy next this normal??? haha
  8. Cute purse! I would have chosen black as well.
    Addicting, isn't it? :devil:
  9. Congrats!!
  10. Oh la la.. That's a great choice for a first bag. Here's to many more to come!!!!!! LOL :biggrin: Congrats.
  11. Congrats! Enjoy your new bag!
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. welcome and congrats!
  14. Congrats on your first LV!! It is beautiful, what a great choice for a first bag. I know you'll love it.:heart: And yes.....LV is addicting....I'm always thinking of what I can buy next!:idea:
  15. Congratulations and happy birthday in advance! Such a lovely choice and I love it! And oh, it's perfectly normal (in our eyes it is..not so sure abt PHHs) to be thinking *constantly* about the next LV...