My First Ever LV!!

  1. I know..nothing too special.. but hey I LOVE it! & I got it for a good price too :yahoo:

    Hope you all enjoy.
    IMG00221.JPG lv5.JPG IMG00223.JPG
  2. All LV's are special...heehee. Congrats on your first LV, she's LVoely!!!
  3. Thanks!!
  4. where is the pocket at the back (inner) ?
  5. Congrats on your first!
  6. Thanks John! Oh and I found the date code finally!
  7. That first LV is always special, no matter how small. You will cherish it forever. Congrats! It's a beauty.
  8. yay, first LV's are always special ... congrats!
  9. LOOVE that you got your first LV for a great price!

    CONGRATS :flowers:
  10. thanks everyone!! :love::blush:
  11. Congrats! Trust me, once you have your first, you won't wanna stop! Enjoy your very first LV!
  12. What a great wallet!! It looks brand new!
  13. Congrats! It is really cute!
  14. congrats!
  15. Congrats on your first LV!