~My First Ever *LV Collection* Post~

  1. I have finally taken a group pic of all my precious LV babies. This is my first thread on the forum, so I would like to take this opportunity to say
    *HI!* :flowers:

    I am from Sydney, Australia and is currently studying at uni. I first fell in LVOE three years ago and this is my collection so far.....

    So Enjoy!

  2. very nice!!! love your avatar too!! :smile:
  3. Amazing collection! I have that Damier Geant Messenger bag, it's gorgeous!
  4. very nice, unique collection!
  5. Awesome!!.... A nice mix..and Welcome to TPF.. LVoe the accessories..
  6. Wow, that is an incredibly clear photo!!!! And you have gorgeous bags, I love the clutch!
  7. ooo i love your collection!
  8. Great Collection.
  9. Welcome to the Purse Forum. Thanks for sharing your collection. Love it.
  10. Here are some more close-ups of my collection~

    Epi Leather:
    1. Mandarin Cles
    2. Mandarin Tresor Wallet
    3. Black Koala Wallet
    4. Red Snap-bill and Coin Purse Wallet
    5. Mocha Agenda

    Limited Edition Epi Leather Tri-Colour Noe


    Limited Edition Vernis Fleur (2000)



    Mini Monogram Sisters:
    1. Cherry Lucille GM
    2. Gold and Beige Kathleen

    Monogram Multicolore:
    1. White Multicolore Pochette
    2. Black Multicolore Snapped Billfold and Coin Purse Wallet
    3. White Multicolore Carnet De Bal

    Damier and Monogram:
    1. Damier Speedy 30
    2. Monogram Groon Round Cles
    3. Monogram Koala Wallet

    Damier Geant Messenger

  11. Accessories:
    1. Black Inclusion Hair Clip
    2. Gold Sweet Monogram Hoop Earrings
    3. Multicolore Silk Scarf

    Final Pic~


    Thanks guys for your comments~;)
  12. such a pretty collection!! love the vernis cluth :love: and great photos btw
  13. nice collection, thank you for sharing the pics!
  14. Very nice collection! I love the mandarin!!!
  15. Your pieces with vachetta have such a great patina!!!