My FIRST EVER KELLY! Plz help me decide :)

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  1. Hello everyone :smile:

    I went crazy for the Malachite color! It's my absolute fav. Color in the world! I've always dreamt about this shade of green!
    I remember drooling over a TPF member's vert fonce with GHW kelly! But unfortunately this color has been discontinued and i've been looking for this color with resellers but no luck! All the bags i found were in okay condition ( scratched, which bothers me).
    Anyways.. I visited my local H store a week ago to ask if they could find me (a malachite 32 kelly sellier with GHW).. The SA told me the color has been discontinued!!! and the waiting list is yet to be opened :sad: she said check with us next month maybe we'll open the waiting list by then :sad:.

    But dreams do come true right? :smile:
    Yesterday i saw a reseller offering my dream combination ( a malachite kelly epsom sellier with GHW, however size 28, i was hoping for a 32). Her price is USD11.6 K.

    Since it's my first ever kelly. What do you think? Should i go for it? Is the price worth it?

    Thanks in advance ^_^
  2. Size is really important. I wouldn't get a bag in a size that I don't think will suit my needs just because it is the right color. Size and color are both equally important. 11.6 K is a lot of money to pay for something that is not exactly what you are looking for. The bag has to be just right for you otherwise it will end up unused. Maybe you should wait for what you really want/need. Good luck :smile:
  3. If the color and size are what you want then go for it! The price mark up doesn't seem too high. Some sellers add at least 50% or more to the retail price. You can compare with ebay and other reputable resellers to see the going rate. Price is something you have to be comfortable with. Also I'd check the reseller's return policy just in case.

    Depending on your height and what you plan to carry, a 28 sellier can be tight for some people and perfect for others. G'luck deciding! :smile:
  4. I would hold off for a 32, especially if you're going to pay above retail. I bought a 28 because it was a dream bag and I thought I could deal with the smaller size. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time looking at it but never really used it so I ended up selling it. If you're going to spend the extra money, than make sure that it's the perfect color AND size. If you're patient, you will find your dream bag. Best of luck.
  5. First, always get a bag offered through a reseller authenticated, either here or through a paid service.

    Whether or ot the bag is worth it depends. Personally, I would not pay over retail for a bag that was not EXACTLY what I want: size, leather, color, hardware, everything. Lots of women love the 28 size, but I find it really small. A 28 and a 32 can look pretty similar in photos, but the 32 holds a lot more, IMO. A 28 can be a tight fit, especially in Sellier. Do you like Epsom? Some love it because it's lightweight, but unlike some other leathers, it won't refurbish well if you scratch it up. Is the bag in perfect condition?
  6. I would hold off and use the funds for something I really want, not compromising.
  7. Its your first kelly
    Does size matter to you?
    Do u need that 4cm space?
    If yes dont buy this
    If no go for this rare beauty
    Its not easy to get dream color harder find for sellier
    For me I will get this cos I will find another reason or excuse to buy another k 32 combo in time to come
    This is a girl problems haha
  8. Vert fonce is coming back. There is also another nice green for fall. Wait for what you want.
  9. Can it be SOed?
  10. I would wait for the perfect one in the right size.
  11. There is atleast one dark green this coming season have u taken a look yet? It was in one of the threads..

    How tall are you, and can you deal with that size? For pic reference, take a look at the reference thread for Kelly sizes, and as far as actual space, you can even cut out paper dimensions of a k28 as a mockup to see if it'd fit your essentials. It's a lot of money and take a bit of time, do ur research, don't want you to make an expensive mistake.

    If you are the patient type(which I'm not), a perfect Kelly might just pop up when you least expect it! My HG popped up when I least expected it recently, so there's hope for all of us!

    Good luck!
  12. It depends on what you are going to be using it for. If you can downsize your "stuff" easily to fit in a 28, I would consider buying it.

    I prefer the 32 and would wait, personally, but that colour is divine!

    Good luck with your decision.
  13. Kelly28 Sellier in Epsom will be quite small by capacity and very stiff. It'll be quite difficult to get in and out of, I'm not sure if you'll be ok with that. Depending on your need for it. I'd wait for the exact piece you want than compromising.
  14. thank you very much @itorresmd @Fabfashion @jyyanks @catsinthebag @Jadeite @bagidiotic @mp4 @Nolia @needlv @minismurf04 @carls888 @cr1stalangel for your reply :smile:

    actually i've never seen size 32 nor 28 IRL, from the pictures i assumed that size 32 would be good, but actually i don't mind size 28 either it's not much difference. I don't plan to use this bag as my everyday bag, just for evenings and occasions.
    I would normally carry a long wallet, keys, often a small pouch, and sunglasses box. so would size 28 fit this purpose?
    and i am also short (152 cm).

    the bag is brand new and authentic, and the seller has a 100% money back guarantee in case it's not authentic.

    the thing is i've already ordered it and thank God i was the first to reserve it, she said 4 other women are asking me about this bag at this moment *phew* (talking about a really rare beauty lol)
    so when i receive it i'm gonna check if i like the size i'll keep it, if not i'll sell it, i just really hope the size is perfect cuz this is my dream combination and my local H store is painfully hard to deal with and they RARELY get stock of bags :sad:
    i will let you know when i receive it :smile: wish me luck!!
    thank you very much again for helping me :heart: