My first ever Hermès

  1. Hello everybody.

    I went on a little shoppingspree today :wlae:
    And I bought my first ever Hermès piece!! Actually I kinda got two things:nuts:

    I absolutely loove it! :yahoo:

    Wanna see? :confused1:
  2. yes yes
  3. :woohoo:

  4. :nuts::yes:
  5. yes :yes::yes:
  6. I'm sorry about the qality of the pics but my "real" camera currently MIA.
    Will look for it tomorrow cuz the colours are not good at all!!!

    Oh yeah - I got a couple of items from LV too - U can see them in the LV forum.
    alleposer.JPG hermes.JPG hindpakning.JPG
  7. looks like you had a happy, retail-therapeutic day!
  8. Oooh La La! H and LV-- a girl after my own heart!
  9. razorbackbelle0: Thanks :tup:

    Here are the rest of the pics :yes:
    And I love it!!! The pic does not do it justice!! It doesn't show the colour that good!!!
    hkort.JPG hring.JPG hermesscarf.JPG
  10. Congrats - great choices! And they gave you the new cards!
  11. Woohoo!!! Congrats, love the scarf and the scarf ring!
  12. Thank you!
    And yes they gave them to me cuz they asked me if had other scarves and I said I has a first timer :p
    And then the SA said that I had to get the cards to get the most of new scarf. She was really nice!! And she gave me a sample on a new perfume too :tup:
  13. Omg I Love It!!!
  14. Congrats!!!
  15. Nice choices! This will be the first of many!