My first ever Hermes purchase!!

  1. Well, I must admit I feel a little intimidated posting in here. My first purchase was a lilac enamal palladium bracelet. I love it, it is so pretty. However, I have nothing else Hermes......but, I'm trying!!!!
    DSCN0334.jpg DSCN0335.jpg DSCN0337.jpg
  2. It's beautiful and you wear it well. Plus, it's a good start!!
  3. Hello Traci! Welcome, welcome, welcome! Your bracelet is beautiful and looks very nice on you! Just be prepared....this is only the beginning!
  4. Hello and welcome Traci, oh gosh, do not feel intimidated here! :smile:

    Your new bracelet is fabulous! Love the color!
  5. You go girl! You have to start somewhere and where you started is super! Love it.

    Enjoy in good health!
  6. Oh hello Traci!!! Congrats - and does this mean we can go to the Hermes store in Boston when we have our get together???!!! I think it does lol!!!!!
  7. the bracelet is lovely!!
  8. darling traci,
    please try not to let anyone or anything intimidate you ever!!!!
    We, the Ladies (& Vlad) of H,
    are a rare breed of ladies who experience pure joy in quality!!
    Oh Traci,
    your bracelet is gorgeous and i can just imagine how pretty you feel wearing it!!!
    I, for one, have learned a great deal from these great ladies so just sit back, relax, and enjoy your gift of enjoying quality!!!
  9. Welcome Traci

    You'll pick up loads of information, advice, scarfs and bags along the way...
  10. Welcome aboard! I love the bracelets!! I've been meaning to get one but I'm afraid I would break them.
  11. Hi, Traci. Welcome to the forum. Your bracelet is so pretty, lilac is one of my favorite colors. You made an excellent choice for your first purchase. Be careful though, Hermes is very very addictive.
  12. Welcome to the forum. And your bracelet is beautiful.
  13. Welcome, Traci.:flowers: Your first Hermes purchase is a beautiful one, and I hope you wear her in good health.:yes:
  14. Traci - welcome, welcome and please stay and play! Your bracelet is just TDF (I've admired those many times...) and it's going to be perfect with your lovely white MC bag!!
  15. Welcome Staci!!! Your bracelet is just fabulous! No need to feel intimidated!!! We are all hopelessly addicted here. :flowers: