My first ever EPI! speedy, lockit or montaigne clutch?

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Which epi (black or ivoire) should i buy? :)

  1. epi speedy 30 or 25

  2. epi lockit

  3. epi montaigne clutch

  4. sumthin else!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey guys! :P i'm thinking of getting my first ever epi from lv... which one among these three (or another suggestion would be ok) should i get? :love: please post your thoughts as i can only get one. although i wish i can get more! :rolleyes: btw, i pretty much have any kind of bag for any occasion so it's more of choosing for the 'look' than the functionality. Although, i do get to use my speedies a lot since they are my grab and go bags and i really love the shape so its still in the choices...

    here's a list of my lv's so far:wlae:

    1. mono speedy 25
    2. damier speedy 30
    3. damier azur speedy 25
    4. mono batignolles vertical
    5. black mc shirley
    6. panda cles
    7. damier pochette melville

    thanks guys! all thoughts are appreciated. TIA!;)
  2. I don't have any epis, but looking at what you have so far, I think maybe the lockit would look great in your collection!
  3. thanks peevenjo, that's what i thought too.. :smile:
  4. At first I would say a speedy but since you already have a few I would go with the epi lockit
  5. Another vote for the lockit:love:
  6. My vote is for the Lockit!
  7. Go for the lockit.
  8. wow the lockit is getting so much votes! :smile:
  9. Another LOCKIT vote here .... :biggrin:
  10. speedy 25!
  11. Lockit!
  12. I vote the speedy in 25...ivoire to be exact!
  13. Lockit.
  14. I say the lockit too since you have a nice variety of Speedy already! :yes:
  15. Lockit! You have enough Speedys. :P