My first ever CP and its violet!! Pics >>>

  1. Okay so this is my first ever accessory by Balenciaga. I have been thinking what would be the best colour to get in a CP and violet is it!

    I first tried Ocean, then an 05 grey (brand new), and then came the violet and I was SOLD. It really is the perfect pop colour that is still dark enough to go with everything and be the perfect colour contrast:

    With the Sandstone GGH work (with flash):


    Its a deep jewel colour but a real pop at the same time (no flash):

    With my 05 first:
  2. LOVE IT! What a perfect POP.
  3. Congrats!! I love violet ... it's such a gorgeous colour! BTW ... your Sandstone is such a nice colour too!
  4. :heart: ur violet CP!! looks really nice against your SS....congrats
  5. Fantastic! The violet really does go with everything - and I love the CP size...

    btw your Sandstone is making me :drool:
  6. Soooo cute! Beware, these things seem to breed like rabbits in your closet... You can't have just one.
  7. karen you have such a great Bal selection! Congrats on the Violet CP!!!
  8. So cute!! And I am loving your Sandstone work - the leather looks amazing!!!
  9. :roflmfao: OMG breed like rabbits?

    Actually I must admit I'm already thinking of a 2nd one but I'm in no huge rush so we'll see what happens ;)
  10. Very cute! Love the color!
  11. Love the CP, but I love the leather on your sandstone more!
  12. so cute, congrats!
  13. Wow!
    That is so pretty! :nuts:
  14. Beautiful! Violet is a gorgeous POP to Sandstone! I do think they breed like rabbits, but I think they do it in the bag, not the closet.
  15. It's adorable!