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  1. I visited my local H boutique recently and popped in to see if there's any new arrivals. I asked one of the female SAs in the store if they have any Constance bags that day, she headed over to the computer and checked through all of the stock and eventually said that she had one Constance Mini left in Glacier Blue if I was interested in it. Then, she went back to the store room and 5 mins later she came back with an medium-sized orange box. She opened the box and unfolded a gorgeous Constance Mini in Epsom in Glacier Blue. I immediately said I would take it and I felt so lucky!:smile:

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  2. Along with the Constance Mini, I also purchased a black leather bracelet for my son!:smile:

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  3. Absolutely stunning. I love the colour!
  4. Congrats! That is an awesome color.

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  5. Congrats! So beautiful!
  6. Beautiful!! Congrats!
  7. What a beauty!!! The color is lovely!
  8. very pretty, reminds me of gris tourterelle.
  9. Absolutely stunning. Congrats!
  10. Gorgeous, stunning combination of size and colour.
  11. It was your lucky day! Many congrats!
  12. Such a lucky score! She's blue-tiful!!!!
  13. You lucky girl.. enjoy!!
  14. Congrats! What a gorgeous score!
  15. Gorgeous bleu! Welcome to the mini C club!