My first ever Chloe has arrived - a Mini Paddy!

  1. I recieved my Muscade Mini Paddington today. What a beauty!!!!

    Its love at first sight for me. I wish I had tried Chloe before Balenciaga and I might have saved myself some pennies. The leather is so soft and smooshy and thick. The bag feels so durable compared to my b-bags and I instantly prefer it.

    The size is great too! I can get all of my essentials inside easily and have a little room to spare.

    The colour is so much nicer IRL and it goes with most of my wardrobe.
    Not many modelling pics from me today...because Im feeling lazy and cant be arsed! hahaha!

    I think Im going to have to get myself a regular sized paddy too, for those times when Im going to be out all day and need to carry more things!


  2. omg SOOO CUTE!!
  3. how much was it??
  4. Beautiful, congrat's on such a nice color.
  5. Oh it's so cute, I really want a mini paddy and ur just making my thurst for one stronger! Lovely colour too ( I have the regular in Muscade and I goes with everything!)
  6. gorgeous, muscade is really beautiful colour and mini paddys are just too cute to resist! :heart: Congrats!
  7. its a stunner- congrats!
  8. Oh, that's so cute!
  9. wow. i never really looked at a mini paddy in person because i just assumed it would be too small, but seeing your pics..... im thinking i might have to get one...hmmm?
  10. she is so pretty specially against your jeans....
  11. Yummy leather, beautiful color, really cute bag --congratulations!!
  12. Cute~~~~
  13. Such a pretty looks great on you! :tup:
  14. love the colour and its so cute :yes:
  15. I love the color as well.... its so beautiful...