My First Ever Chanel Peice

  1. ok.. ive only ever had chanel glasses.. never chanel bags etc.. so when i saw this lil things today i had to have it.. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it... i hope u ugys too.. i got it at a great lil consigment store.. anyone know the retail price or wht line season etc.. or what its called. i love it!!!!:yahoo:
    DSC00821.JPG DSC00820.JPG
  2. That piece is fabulous - great purchase!
  3. Congrats! That's so cute! Someone else just got one of these. I think the line is called Precious Symbols.
  4. ^^^ I believe you're right.
  5. ooooooooo coool... whats hte peice called though and price if anyone knows? i love its soooo cute. not sure when to use it but love it. mayeb for like clubbin in a lil clutch or something
  6. I think it's just called a credit card case. I just got one from the classic line and mine was $215. I'm thinking the one you got is maybe $175 or $195.
  7. congrats, very cute
  8. Hey we have the same credit card wallet! :yes: I love this wallet with my smaller purses, it fits a lot of credit cards and is so cute. I get compliments on it all the time. :tender:
  9. I really like it. Enjoy!
  10. Very nice. Congrats!
  11. how much did you pay for it at the consignment shop
  12. It's absolutely beautiful!!!!!! Enjoy!
  13. It's adorable!!! Congratulations!

    I've been lusting over one of those!
  14. congrats, baby boo!!
    it's very cute!