my first ever birkin!!!!

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  1. well, the baby has been screaming all day, DH is in San Francisco (apparently working, he tells me...), I have a puncture on my baby buggy but it doesn;t matter as my birkin turned up today! thanks to sloane_street, a super seller who couldn't have been more helpful and communicative... here's my 30cm vermillion swift w palladium HW, second pic with my Clefs twilly...(sorry about bad photos!)
    IMG_1281.JPG IMG_1280.JPG

    Prada - I'm SO HAPPY for you!!!!!!!!

    GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Yippie!!!!!!!!!
  3. Congrats, Prada! Lovely color!
  4. Love love it
  5. Oh, congrats on your first!!! So exciting!
  6. What a great perk!
  7. thanks all, i've been playing with bag charms and twillys all day and searching thru my scarves to see which ones would go. I had to take her out this pm to show off - sadly it was only Starbucks and not the Bellagio in LV, where i would have liked to be !
  8. congratulations! The ultimate pick me up after a bad day! Beautiful bag.
  9. Wow, how exciting for you. :yahoo:

    Congrats and enjoy. She is lovely.
  10. How exciting, your first Birkin! I'm curious as to when you will start craving your second H bag!
  11. Congrats! She is lovely!
  12. It is simply stunning.
    Congratulations on your beautiful bag...
  13. CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting, and she's absolutely beautiful. Enjoy her!
  14. I simply adore vermillion in swift! I think you've got one very gorgeous bag there and oh so sexy!!! Congrats!
  15. Congratulations!! And ooooh, Swift leather! Welcome to the swift club ;)