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  1. AHHH as i type this im at work and couldnt hold out any longer.. presenting my first ever birkin NEVER in a million yrs did i think i would be able to buy one!! and here she is black 35 togo with GH!!!

    she arrived yesterday evening - the pics are awful as taking from my bb which has a crappy camera.. but have i put the key thing right is that how its meant to hang?

    AHH im just so exctied also is the fold right? and the straps? i dont knwo what the norm is!!

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  2. baby boo love your username, so cute

    congratulations on your beautiful birkin, the 1st one is always so special! sorry i can't help you but soon enough you'll have lots of tpf'rs who can help with your question. congrats again!
  3. black with GHW....classic.... very beautiful... thanks for sharing:woot:

    now time for some modelling pics :flowers:
  4. Congratulations!
  5. You can hang the lock in any manner. You can choose to leave the lock at home and let the birkin on its own or you can buy a cadena and use that instead.

    [​IMG] Congratulations, Baby Boo on your 1st![​IMG]
  6. CONGRATULATIONS :yahoo::woohoo::tup:!!! She is beautiful, enjoy her to the fullest!
  7. Big congrats Baby Boo! It is lovely! Regarding the lock, just like IFFAH says you can use it any way you want! Enjoy your lovely first Birkin!

  8. so the way i have it is correct? whats a cadena?

    shoudl the strps be over the middle liek the 2 straps over interlocking? if that makes sense?

    also TOGO IS SOOOOOOO SOFT!! is it going to get softer? i dont know wnaything about leathers.. is it generally very resistant? im so excited i cant contain myslef.. im arelady thinkgin whats next
  9. Congratulations on your beautiful bag........enjoy it
  10. Congrats it is a classic that will go with everything,,, wear her how you like and enjoy
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    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    baby boo...congrats on this beautiful classic...we feel your excitement! good going!


    The veining is that all important thumb print and says I am baby boo's beautiful banging BIRKIN! YAyyy!
  12. Congratulations on your birkin!!! Such a classic beauty!
  13. check out the action thread or socialites, stars thread and you can see how they wear theirs:smile:

    a cadena is a silver "bracelet" that you can fasten on your bag.

    I just carry mine without the lock, and with the two straps open, not touching if that makes sense,'

  14. Congrats BabyBoo! There is nothing like the day you get your first Birkin. I am so excited for you. Enjoy your new bag, it is stunning!!!!!
  15. congrats on your first birkin!
    my first birkin is also a black birkin with ghw :yahoo:
    the feeling of getting the first birkin is such excitement!

    you can hang the lock and key anyway you want.
    i leave those at home because i don't want to lose them and those are extra weight to carry.