My first ever Bbag arrived, INK FIRST!!!!!

  1. Words cannot express, especially when one is too busy sucking back the drool. Ink is an amazing color, and the leather is out of this world. So looking forward to OD-ing on Bbags :love:

    CIMG0209.JPG CIMG0211.JPG CIMG0210.JPG
  2. congrats on your first b-bag, decophile!
    you could not have picked a better color too- ink is fantastic!!
  3. gorg.
  4. GORGEOUS !! YUMMY*DROOL!!! :drool: I am seriously considering this color now instead of my original wish list: black first.. I love how in the the second pic, there's a tint of "purple and blue!! I love your taste in color, first the bordeaux and now the ink ! I am following your foot steps ... heheh:P
  5. Loooove it!
  6. lol, congrats on your new addiction Decophile, she's an ink beauty :wlae:
  7. It's a beauty! Ink is a GREAT color. Your First is simply perfect! Bbags are very, very addictive (can't stop at one). Congratulations!
  8. Congrats, welcome to the ink club!
  9. Congrats on the new Ink Deco! It's BEAUTIFUL! You always pick the best bags! :P I just got an ink first too from a wonderful PFer :love: and it's my favorite bbag now! :yahoo: LOVE INK! Congrats & enjoy Deco!
  10. congrats!!!!! you couldn't have picked a better color. it's the best. and your leather looks amazing!
  11. I love ink! Congrats on your first BBag.
  12. So beautiful, congrats! And have fun plotting your next purchase!
  13. Congratulations Decophile! The leather looks so yummy!
    What is the difference between a City and a First?
  14. Congratz! I just got my first Bbag too!!

    She's so pretty, take good care of her :yahoo:
  15. Thank you for all the love and co-obssession! So happy to be able to share this joy with like mindend lovelies who understand my excitement.

    Justonemore, City is bigger than First.

    Glimmer, yes, definitely plotting my next purchase, although meanwhile also awaiting delivery of the other 3 balenciagas I've bought. Can one ever have too many? No.