My first ever Bal! REVEAL

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  1. Please meet my first ever Bal. She is a pre-owned Gris Poivre Part-time with rose gold hardware. She is in wonderful condition and I couldn't be happier: love the size, the leather, and the colour combination.

    The colour is difficult to photograph. I'd describe it as "greige" (a mixture of grey and beige), and she looks light or dark depending on the light. I think she will go with lots of things and be suitable all the year round.

    I have taken many pics in my excitement and to try to show how the colour changes according to the light.

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  2. And some more pics just for fun: carried on the crook of the arm, by the shoulder strap, and next to my regular black Alexa (Mulberry) for size comparison. And one final pic to show how delicious the leather is :smile:

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  3. I love it!! Where did you get it? The combination is perfect!
  4. Thank you! I got her from, a very trusted seller for us Mulberry girls. She has some lovely Bal Days in at the moment.
  5. This is even prettier than I had anticipated!

    What a gorgeous part time! Congratulations!
  6. Love this!!!
  7. Your imput was so helpful for my decision! Thank you!

    As you suspected, the leather feels a little dry, especially the corners. Do you think I should use a good leather conditioner on her, followed by a water and uv spray?
  8. Love it! Congrats!
  9. That rose gold is delicious!! Enjoy her in good health! :smile:
  10. Wow that is really gorgeous, congrats.
  11. the only treatment I use on my bags is Leather Honey. All the other products scare me as I read conflicting information on how well they do, if they pull color, etc.

    If you do decide to cover her in a coat of leather honey (which I highly recommend) don't panic. The color will richen a bit, but when you put it on initially it will look like it has darkened it a lot. This is because it is wet. After it dries overnight you will get your original color back, just with a richer hue. The leather will also feel plushier and thicker after putting LH on it.
  12. Thank you very much! I can't find Leather Honey where I am but I've decided to risk another leather cream (Collonil), which works well on my Mulberrys. Do you think I should give her a good coating of leather cream, then wait a day or two before I spray here with water-repellent spray (Collonil waterstop - it also has a UV filter to prevent colour fading). Or spray right after I treat her with the cream?
  13. I would moisturize the bag and let it dry overnight. Then check and see if you need another coat in the morning.

    If you don't then I would use your spray. If you do I would throw another coat on let it dry overnight and then spray :smile:

  14. I just moisturized her. Will leave her overnight and see :smile:

    Thanks again for all your help.
  15. Gorgeous bag! Congrats! :smile: