My first EPI!

  1. Hi everyone. I was watching for a black EPI Speedy 25 for a while, but I wasn't finding anything "new enough" secondhand, so I started stalking eluxe. It showed up a couple times before I was ready to purchase it, but it also kept disappearing. Finally I was ready and ordered it while they had it. And now, it's here!!

    I looked again this morning and all they had was Cannelle. They must come and go quickly! I feel like I got something rare. :p

    I also noticed in the description on eluxe that the black has gold hardware, but I got the titanium, which is exactly what I wanted. A couple weeks ago there was a thread about the Coach initial charms and I ordered the T which is hot pink one one side (my favorite!) and a lighter pink on the other side. It's going to be so cute on the speedy, with matching hardware, and will add a little splash of color and customise it. I love it!

    I keep taking it out of the dustbag and inspecting it. It's just so pretty and understated and so classy.

    So where's the datecode???? Does anyone know? Haha. I can't find it anywhere!
  2. Uhoh, I didn't mean this to be in the clubhouse. I'm so sorry! I'd been searching for help about where to find the datecode. Will a moderator please move this to the LV main forum? SO sorry to mess up on my first thread!
  3. awww its ok!
    i think it may be in the pocket??
  4. Congrats!! I think black Epi with the silver hardware sounds gorgeous!! (I'm a silver fan!). Post pictures when you have time!
  5. Oh I love the epi speedy! Congrats on your new purchase, love to see pics
  6. Pics please..
  7. congrats!
  8. Congrats, not too sure where the code is but it should be there. Post pics if you can! : )
  9. congrats! the black epi speedy is such a great classic bag.
  10. Congrats!!!:yahoo:
    I really love Epi gorgeous...always in a great shape...and low-maintenance!!! :yes:
    And the date code is in one inside pocket. :idea:
  11. congrats!!

    Lets see a modeling pic!
  12. congrats! love the black epi with the silver hardware.
  13. Congrats! It's a great bag! I'm still totally in love with mine!
  14. Congrats on your gorgeous bag!

    I think they haven't updated their website so it says the bag comes with gold hardware. In fact from what I've learned on tpf they now all come with silver hardware.
  15. Hmmm I called Elux on Friday to inquire about the black epi speedy and she told me they were getting in the epi 25 with gold hardware this week. She told me to check back next week for silver hardware. You're lucky I prefer silver.