My First Epi!

  1. A friend needed money and I needed epi, so it was all good. :yahoo: It is my first epi, the french purse in vanilla, and can I just say I am in LOVE with the french purse AND the vanilla color?! It is definately used, but I don't care because it's so cute. Although it only makes me want to buy a bag in vanilla epi and another french purse ... :tender:
    ve1.jpg ve2.jpg
  2. It is gorgeous!! Congrats!! Isn't the vanilla color amazing? I recently bought a vanilla speedy 25 and have thought about getting a matching wallet...seeing yours makes me want one even more! Great purchase :flowers:
  3. its beautiful, the color is so classy!
  4. It's gorgeous!! I love it when they name colors after food.. makes it twice as fun to buy them LOL. Congrats! :yahoo:
  5. Love the Vanilla Epi:love: ! Great buy indeed !:yahoo:
  6. Beautiful color, love it, congrats !!!
  7. Congrats!! That is such a beautiful color!!
  8. Love the wallet & very nice colour as well
  9. Love the vanilla, Live and learn, could have had a vanilla Jasmin a few years back, the price was soooo much lower then too, at the time I was more into the yellow color and then I opted to get a completely different bag (TOD'S) which I totally don't regret, just wish I could have gotten both.......
  10. I've never seen the vanilla color on epi before. It's very, very pretty! Congrats on your new purse!!
  11. i love the french wallet, i have it in damier. i like the epi look as well, very chic!
  12. It's a beauty! Congrats.
  13. That Worked Out Good! It's Gorgeous!!!! Enjoy! :smile:
  14. it's a gorgeous colour! congrats!! :smile:
  15. great french purse! is that an FAU ID i see there?! i go there too :smile: GO OWLS! haha