My first epi piece!

  1. I finally got my first Epi piece! It's lovely! I had read some comments here about how the regular Saint Jacques (15"x9") was a bit too small for them, and I saw it in person and thought the proportions weren't to my liking... so I decided to wait for the discontinued Saint Jacques shopper to pop up on Let-Trade. One showed up not too long afterwards, and for a great price IMO... what do you think? Is it too big on me?

    Also didn't find any modeling pics of the shopper here, so hopefully these will help to show the size... I'm 5'2" and could stand to lose about 20 pounds. :sweatdrop:
    lvStJacquesModel1.JPG lvStJacquesModel1a.JPG lvStJacquesModel2.JPG lvStJacquesModel2a.JPG
  2. Looks great on you - I love epi. I have a black lussac that I use for work and I love it!
  3. Congrats! The bag looks great on you.
  4. congrats! looks great
  5. I love Epi! Congrats!
  6. look grat on ya! congrats!
  7. Congratulations- it looks great on you !
  8. Looks really good on you! congrats!!
  9. It looks great! I wasn't even aware that it came in two sizes- if you don't mind me asking, what are the dimensions of the shopper?
  10. manogwife, your Saint Jacques Shopper looks absolutely perfect on you. I don't think you need to loose that much weight. You may want to loose that sweater even though its cute. I think you are perfect as you are. JMHO :flowers: (plz don't kill me, honestly, I think it's the sweater that weighs too much.:sweatdrop: )
  11. ^^^ Sure! It's about 17.5" wide and 12" tall, and it really does hold a lot. It's light too! You should get one! :graucho: Hope that helps!

    Thanks everyone for your comments! I wish I had the chance to try the one w/ short handles (the 15"x9" size)... I saw that irl on someone and it looked cute too!
  12. LOL! Thank you... but you really don't like my sweater? Is it the horizontal stripes that do me in? There's ruching in the front... I thought that was flattering. I need to post this question in The Wardrobe subforum! :p Thank you for your honesty! ;)
  13. We love our sweaters more than it loves our bodies. From you first pic you have a very nice figure. Sad to say. Yes, it's the horizontal stripes that adds weight to the torso. Plus you're covering your derrière which shortens our petite height further. btw I love your sweater. I just know it doesn't love us. Just my honest opinion. Don't take it the wrong way. Same sweater, but shorter, and slightly curve with those stripes would be really flattering and lovely on you. :flowers:
  14. it looks great! i think you look great but who doesn't think they could stand to lose weight? i could stand to lose 30-40 lbs. lol
  15. I love epi, congrats on your first one. I think it really looks perfect on you, not to big at all!