My first Epi piece... and it’s silver: instant reveal!!

  1. I still can’t believe she is mine! I had been hunting for a while with no luck her beautiful sister in reverse, but now I managed to grab this little candy!

    Without further ado here is, from SS 2018 Miss petite boïte chapeau in silver epi! She is a little stunner!

    IMG_1717.jpg IMG_1718.jpg
  2. so beautiful - congrats!!
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  3. What a beautiful bag in a lovely color! Congrats!
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  4. Wow! Gorgeous!!
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  5. Thank you!

    Thanks! I am in love with miss sparkle!

    Thank you so much!
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  6. Oh she absolutely gorgeous! What does the interior look like?
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  7. Oh this is stunning. . .
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  8. WOW. Absolutely stunning. Great choice @inard1 !
    This is a little treasure. :loveeyes: Definitely one of the coolest Ghesquière pieces. :tup:

    PS: It's "boîte", not "boïte"!
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  9. Thank you!

    The interior is the same as the mono and the reverse one.

  10. Such a beautiful combo!
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  11. Thank you so much!
  12. Thank you @fabuleux! It was actually love at first sight since the show!
    Haha! Thank you, you are right! This was actually a typo: on the ipad keyboard you have to dig to find special characters!
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  13. I can’t blame you. It’s a show stopper!!
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  14. Thank you!
  15. wow - congratulations on this amazing bag!!
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