My first and my excitement

  1. I have finally added an Epi !

    In the past, I had missed out on the opportunity to get the Vanilla Epi, which I wanted as the Jasmin but never got it - and - I do not believe myself to be savy enough for eBay, plus those are far and few between.

    So, now that the Mandarin colour will not be manufactured again, I really wanted in the Epi Petit Noe.
    ** I love the soft lining in this bag!

    It shall look fabulous ! Especially with my blond hightlights;) ! (however, I probably have to wait to wear it until the spring with snow weather en route)

    Picture here, along with her classic cousins:
    EpiMandarin.JPG EpiDamierandGM.JPG
  2. LOVE HER! The petit noe is a rocking have a great collection!
  3. Love your bags! Especially the damier alma!
  4. great bag! :yahoo:
  5. Oh..WOW :nuts: it looks real nice.
    Hope you enjoy it!!!!!!
  6. Beautiful mandarin epi noe. Congrats!
  7. I love the color of your epi. I think you can probably get away with wearing it for fall since the epi material is really durable.
  8. Nice, I love all your LVs! Great variety!
  9. congratulations! you have a good good collection! :yes:
  10. mandarin epi is hot!
  11. has irene seen this LOL
  12. Congrats!! VERY nice color!! :love:
  13. :graucho:

    It's GORGEOUS!!! CONGRATS!!! Noes are THE BEST!!!:wlae:
  14. Fabulous! love all your bags! Great Collection!:yahoo:
  15. wow! what an attractive color!