My first epi and some advice

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  1. Hello everyone, I got my first epi, a speedy 25 in vanilla. I LOVE it and am so happy I get to use it now that it is spring time! But it has a small pen mark on it. ARG, I knew it was there I just thought I could get it off. Well I can't, any one gotten pen off light colored epi before, any suggestions?
    Here she is:
  2. She is beautiful!!! Congrats
  3. try an eraser? i had it on my red epi and just rubbed it off.
  4. Congrats! Did you try baby wipes?
  5. maybe the baby wipes or a little dab of magic eraser!
  6. I agree.....try baby wipes and if you use the magic eraser, be gentle.
  7. Thanks everyone! I have tried an eraser, and baby wipes. I wiped the whole thing down when it arrived. I will try the magic eraser then.
  8. a dab of bleach on a q-tip?
  9. Congrats, such a gorgeous bag!
  10. I love it! Lovely color..Congrats!
  11. Congrats, yummy color :love:

    Try apple cleaner, don't use Mr.Clean or other hard cleaner. The epi line and vanilla color will be rub-off.
  12. congrats!
  13. You have to be daring to try this, but hairspray works. It dissolves the ink and you can wipe it right off. I've done it several times on leather.
  14. I would try the eraser first as that may work. If it doesn't come out, call or visit the store where you got the bag and ask them to help you remove it as they are usually really good about it (but most SA's will use the eraser...).

    I wouldn't recommend the bleach on a q-tip as I would be afraid of it damaging the leather...:wtf: