My First entry!!! and First Gucci Bag=)

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  1. Hello... I've been a member for a couple of weeks now... but never posted.. ..I just roamed around reading other people threads hehehe... but today is the day... when I COME OUT!!! =) HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOO EVERYONE!! name is Tran.. i'm from the windy/cold city of CHICAGO=) .. but was born and raised down SOUTH of New Orleans and Texas... but MAINLY TEXAS=) (which i try to go home every other month cause i miss my family so much) ... anywho.. enough about me... lets get to the good stuff. heheh... I finally got a Gucci bag cause gosh darn it .. i deserve it=) I also bought Gucci glasses too.....hehe....everyone.. woman...or man.. should have something that makes them feel wonderful...and my gucci makes me feel GREAT..hahah.... ... I got it for my 22nd birthday last year , Sept 19, 2006 .... In Houston.....My mom hosted a dinner party for my 22nd bday.. when i was down there...and the whole night eveyone kept handing me "WHITE ENVELOPES"=) ..I bought it with my birthday money that my family gave me ... I had more than enough=) ... my best friend Angela even made a donation box for everyone to pitch in to get me a GUCCI hahah she's so cute=) soo here it is alas....

    i am gucci hear me ROOOOARRR=)
    this is the original one that i bought first.... but because it's freezing in chicago... when u layer yourself with sweaters and coats... the arm part was so small for me so i coulndn't function with this beautiful bag.... =(



    here is the other Gucci I got for my bday.. glasses.. i sooo needed it=)


    these are the other gifts i got hahah..we went to DAVE AND BUSTERS.. all total with my friends we won 17,000 tickets...thats right thousands hahah... we all split the profits=)....also.. my brother gave me "DANITY KANE" CD.. which is REALLY REALLY GOOD... all the tracks on it are amazing.. i can start singing now.. llalalal....=)hehe.... can't wait to see them when they're opening for Christina Aguilera... whoaaaa whoooot...

    ALSOOOO...... its soo cute that they did this=)....there was money in there but i already used it as you guys can see....

    .....overall my 22nd bday was GREAAAAT=)

    gosh this was probably the longest thread ever!!.. soorrrryy=)
    hope everyone enjoyed the pictures=)

    ...byee.... :heart: "Trannie"
  2. Congrats!! I have that chain bag and it's an awesome bag.
  3. I love that bag, Tran!!! I got bag/purse that is brown like that. I can't remember the name but I love the brown/beige color and dark brown leather! I want to get a bag like yours or maybe in black.

    It looks sooo cute on you. I am happy for you and jealous at the same time!!!
  4. Congrats!!! Happy b-day!! You are obviously very loved!! I'm from Chi-Town too....brrrrrrrrrr

  5. ^^^oh really? what part? isen't it just awful today.. brrrrr i'm in my room and i'm freezing!!!
  6. nice bags!
  7. Lovely.
  8. lol, you are too cute.
  9. aww why thank you=) my mom thinks so too haha jk:tender:
  10. congrats, and welcome!!!
  11. Happy birthday ! What a great way to get that lovely bag. Enjoy !!!
  12. Congratulations! I love the Gucci Donation Box. I need to make one for myself!
  13. Beautiful bag. I love it. It looks like you had a great Birthday.

  14. thanks ladies... yes i did had a great bday=)
  15. Great bag, can't go wrong with big bags