my first eLux purchase

  1. I'm so happy about this! I've fallen in love with the Koala Agenda PM with the pink lining, and it's been sitting in my eLux shopping bag for weeks. I went to buy it this morning and they were out of stock - I was crushed.:crybaby:Especially after I read Lola24's clever idea about using a small agenda as a smart is that?

    But now...they are back...and I've ordered one! I even splurged on Express shipping. It should be here in 2-3 days, yay! :tender:
  2. Congrats! Pink lining sounds divine.
  3. Congrats! I love it!
  4. It's so pretty, congrats!
  5. ooh so cute. Congrats.
  6. Congrats..! I'm loving that too..! :love: Are you getting the matching pen? :graucho: :P
  7. congrats, great choice!
  8. Cute!!!:love:
  9. Awww... I'm so happy for you... I bet you're super excited! ;)

    ...I thought that Express shipping was overnight? They might surprise you and have the FedEx Guy be at your door tomorrow morning? :nuts:
  10. Love it! Congrats! :yahoo:
  11. Congrats, it's so pretty with the pink
  12. oooo congrats! what is the retail price?
  13. you should have bought the HUANG family's off ebay for $1,999.00 lol....

  14. :roflmfao:
  15. Heh, no. They didn't have the matching one (only fuchsia, which incidentally is misspelled on eLux), and I somehow couldn't justify spending $250 on a pen, especially with my track record for losing pens. Maybe someday though! :P