My First ebay transaction went GREAT!!

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  1. I was really scared after reading the horror stories. lol. I was actually expecting the worse. I had the perfect buyer. No bait and switch, no buyers remorse, no negative feed back. I just wanted to post some good news. I'm about to list my second item.... wish me luck. lol.

    Thanks to everyone who answered my questions about my first listing!
  2. Great job! There ARE many awesome buyers and sellers on eBay. Glad to hear your first transaction was a good one!
  3. Yes well done! Overall I find people who buy and sell high-end designer stuff to be quite discerning and polite - but maybe I've just been lucky lol. Good luck with future sales! :flowers:
  4. congrats, that's awesome! I'm so glad to hear of someone with a great experience - it's so rare, lol!