My first ebay LV Purchase

  1. eBay: AUTH LOUIS VUITTON CHERRY BLOSSOM POCHETTE MURAKAMI NR (item 330015765980 end time Aug-13-06 19:01:06 PDT)

    Well I finally broke down and purchased something off of ebay. She's an ALVA member and it's already been I'm pretty confident things will go OK.
    Since everything I'm collecting right now is discontinued...I'll have many more ebay purchases...crossing my fingers they all go OK.

    Oh and BTW...that panda is soooooooo cute...and I managed to get it under retail yippee!

    I won't be able to post pics until september 1 because this month is a no spending I had to have my BIL buy it and hold it for me...I'm bad :smile: I imposed the spending ban....and I can't even wait one whole month!
  2. twiggers, are you sure you posted the link to the right auction?
  3. you linked us to an ezauctiondrop auction..not an alva member
  4. Congrat's, I was going to bid on that but she doesnt ship to conada :sad:
  5. Thanks bag! I got on the panda train a little I'm very happy I found one...and got a good deal to boot!
  6. Congrats Twiggers!!

    It's cute!!!
  7. So cute twiggers!! I gotta get one of these!
  8. Thanks all :smile:
  9. So cute you will love it! and you get the original classic epi box that I love!
  10. Great deal!!! Congrats.
  11. very nice
  12. Thanks everyone!
    It's nice that an ALVA seller had one, so I don't have to worry about fakes/fraud/bait & switch, etc.