My First Ebay Listing!

  1. Well, okay my second (we sold a car a while ago). After reading many of the threads here, I will admit to being rather nervous. I've just listed one bag, figuring I'll give it a try and see what happens. Fingers crossed :smile:
  2. goood luck!
  3. Good luck! I have so many things i want to sell and i am so scared to do it with all the horrible stories i've heard and read here...
  4. Good luck! It will probably go fine - most of mine go fine. We all only post if we have a problem, LOL.
  5. Good luck with your auction woodstock, I need to try some day - when I'm brave enough!
  6. Thanks for everyone's luck! I'm worried that I'll need it. I'll do an update once the transaction has ended. Weird thing is- it seems like items are not moving very fast right now. So hope I get a bite on my item!
  7. ^ You'll be fine! I never do listings or buy really and just sold three bags. I didn't really earn money, but I got back what I had in the bags for the most part. My auctions heated up at the end- people like to wait until the very end to bid...
  8. Yeah not much action goes on until near the end. Good luck to you!
  9. Good luck -- I think eBay sales are picking up. I sold $1,800 worth of stuff in auctions that ended yesterday! DH was so impressed. :supacool: