My first ebay experience


The original Iluvbags
Oct 18, 2005
I first joined ebay back in September and have logged on nearly everyday since stalking my prey. After many months of "watching" I finally got the guts to REALLY bid on a bag.

I had bid on many bags before, but they would always be really safe low bids and of course I would never win. I once even tried to bid on a LV bag from a my poupette reseller and was told that I didnt have any feedback and couldnt bid. Allllllllrighty then.

Gotta start somewhere. So I saw this Louis Vuitton Sac Plat called my name and seemed legit. It was not from a my poupette reseller but all of the past items looked good. So.... I bid on it.... and bid again... and again and then won.

After I won I became sick to my stomach because I kep thinking about all the horrible ebay stories of peope getting scammed. Did I just let myself get scammed too?

In a frenzy I started a new thread here asking if anyone could i.d the bag I'd won as being real? Sadly, I only got one or two responses (thanks Christina).

Then I got tired of waiting. What the heck, ok I thought I'll just pay for the bag and if its a fake then that's what I get.

The bag was delived to my house in a small postal service priority box about the size of a legal piece of paper. Those of you who know the size of the sac plat will know why I nearly wet my pants when I saw the box. "Open it!" my mom says, who happened to be there for the delivery. She'd been listening to me talk about the bag for a week and wanted to know what it looked like. I told her I'd rather wait.

The truth wasI was too embarrased to open it up in front of her. There was NO WAY that a sac plat could possibly be in that box. On top of that, the box was light as a feather. SURELY I've been scammed.

Later i opened the box frantically, my heart beating with anticipation. To my suprise it WAS a sac plat inside....but it had been folded IN HALF!! Oh no, I thought as I quickly removed the bag from the box and tried to return it back to its normal shape. What idiot would fold a Louis Vuitton in half just to save on postage?

As I examined the bag I determined that in my opinion it did indeed look like an authentic sac plat. It definitly was "vintage" as the auction had stated, with no pockets inside and no "d" ring but it looked pretty good.

I decided to take it to the Louis Vuitton store the next day to have it authenticed. My arm pits were dripping wet from nervousness. How could I let my regular sales associates see me bring in what might be a fake bag for authentication. Could I ever show my face in there again if it were fake?

I am happy to say that my bag was indeed authenticated my the Louis Vuitton store and I walked out as high as a kite. Tomorrow I will carry my bag with my head held high.

Might I ad that I purchased my vintage sac plat for a mere $335.00!!1 Ebay is my new friend. :biggrin:
when you buy a brand new speedy, it comes in a box all folded up or whatever...some folks say to stuff tshirts in it to get out the creases.

but congratulations on your first ebay purchase, and that it was a success!
Congrats, I did the same thing, and now am still nervously waiting for my MJ Stam. Since you had a happy ending, wish me luck with mine. It should be here Monday (as told by my seller)...............
Whew.....I felt like I was reading a suspense novel. LOL I wanted to cheat and scroll down to the end. I'm so glad you got a good transaction. I haven't bought any designer purses on Ebay, and now am glad that I didn't after reading all the horror stories & advice on this forum. Good for you!
Congrats on your purchase - and thank you for the charming story.

I would definitely voice my displeasure to the seller about the shipping. This bag was not shipped correctly, and the seller did this to save a couple bucks while risking damage to a $300 purchase! Compare the actual shipping price to what you paid, and demand a shipping refund.
Like everyone else your story had my heartbeating and I was ready for an I am so sorry for you post! I am so happy you found an honest seller!!! Carry that bag proud and email the seller it would have been a shame if that bag was damaged and you had to return it.