My first ebay buy!!

  1. I just received my new signature lime wristlet in the mail today!! I really like it! I do have a question though. There are 2 things Im concerned though.

    1. The little tag on the inside says made in China! Is that right?

    2. The zipper says ykk and I have read that zippers on coach should never say that, but my sig optic swing pack has the ykk zipper really small on it and I bought it at Macys!!

    What do you all think. Look authentic other than the 2 things I mentioned. I just wanna make sure its not fake!

    Thanks so much!
  2. You should have authenticated it in the "authenticate this" thread above. Go up there and post the auction information.
  3. YKK is a major manufacturer of zippers. I wouldn't worry, and yes, most Coach items these days are made in China, infact every piece I own, with the exception of my scarves are made in China.
  4. Hi There!

    I'm not an "expert" but I am sure there are many in this forum who will be able to help you...

    but as far as being made in China... that is where most of the Coach bags/items are made. And as for the zippers - I think YKK IS what they use. I just checked my Signature cosmetic case and my Optic Signature tote and both have the YKK on the zipper. (Both purchased at Coach).

    Hope that helps.

    Enjoy your purchase. :O)
  5. All of my Coach bags are made in China. And they all have the YKK zipper.

    Also, there is an "Authenticate This" forum, just so you know in the future!
  6. Congrats on your purchase! I too wouldn't worry about the Made in China part.