My first DVF pieces!

  1. I went into Saks today and there was a presale going on for tomorrow's sale. I ended up purchasing my first two DVF wrap pieces, both 40 percent off!

    First is this pretty wrap shirt.


    Then, I fell in love with this super cute ladybug dress! :shame: It's so girly, and I normally don't wear dresses, but I'm just so attracted to the cute print. My workplace is very casual, and I'm debating wearing it or not. I think it would look great with a white cami underneath and my white platform peep toes, or I have a pair of casual black strappy mules.


    What do you guys think? :nuts: I'm wearing the wrap shirt tomorrow, but I'm still on the fence about the dress. Maybe I'll take it out now and try it on with different things. Hmm!
  2. LOVE them both!!!! Wish I were there... ugh!!!! DVF pieces are some of my favorite- easy to throw on and wear often! :yes: Congrats!
  3. Love the wrapshirt...such a pretty color and design!
    But the ladybug dress...SO CUTE!!! You should definately wear it to work if it's not too casual!
  4. I love both of them!!!
  5. L-O-V-E the ladybug dress!!! Sooo cute!
  6. Thanks ladies! :nuts:

    Megs - All the more reason for you to move to Florida... great shopping! :graucho:

    lv-lover - My workplace is super casual. I could wear jeans and flip flops every day if I wanted to, but since I do public relations, I choose to wear dress pants, skirts and cute tops from Express, Ann Taylor, J. Crew, etc. I think if I wore this dress people would think I was dressing up :lol:

    Okay, off to try these both on and see how they work with my wardrobe. Be back later with a full report ;)
  7. One question for those of you who have these wrap dresses - how do they stay shut over the legs? :shame: I always wear boy shorts when I'm wearing a skirt, but with the ladybug dress I'm afraid that a strong breeze will have me looking like Marilyn Monroe :p
  8. ^ It is A OK to show a little leg!!!!!! I think in NYC last summer I showed quite a bit from time to time- my dresses flew open. I actually did not have a big problem with DVF dresses opening up too much :yes:
  9. oooh, I love those both, especially the dress! I think you could dress the dress up or down. If you want it to look more casual wear flat sandals or something.
  10. The ladybug dress is so cute! And it could totally be dressed up or down, depending on your shoes.
  11. very cute! i love the top and the dress is so cute!
  12. very cute. great purchases, enjoy!
  13. I love them both. Very nice. The ladybug dress is so pretty. love the color.
  14. omg omg i've wanted that wrap dress for a while and have waiting for it to go on sale online. Can u please tell me which locaiton u got it from and how much it was??? thanks so much.
    As for the keeping the wrap dress from flying open use hollywood fashion tape or sometimes i take matching thread and just do one stitch to keep it shut.
  15. WANT that ladybug dress!