My first double eyelid and eyebag removal surgery procedure at

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  1. I've just had my surgery today at pitangui after going for 3 consultations yesterday, I also asked for nose surgery prices but didn't go through with it. Here are my 3:

    Foreword: all consultants knew English, and docs were v nice though docs were v. quickly done with their consultations. Apparently all thought I just needed the normal DES and not epicantplasty or lateral incisions. Their prices are also similar to what was stated in their email quote (all prices are in KRW)

    Nose (alarplasty, nose tip, implant along nose, reduce nose base) - 4.18M
    Double eyelids surgery - 1.65M
    Total: 6M

    TL PS:
    Nose (alarplasty, nose tip, implant along nose) - 3+M? They didn't recommend nose bone reduction cos they said if I reduce it it may look too inproportionate
    Double eyelids surgery - 1.7M?
    Total: 5M
    The doctor recommended subbrow lift and consultant recommended eyebag removal as she herself did it cos she felt we could look more refreshed after that. So for the lift & nose surgery it's also 5M.
    If it's eyebrow lift & eyebag removal it's 2.5M

    Nose (alarplasty, nose tip, implant along nose) - 3.5M
    DES: 1.2M
    Total: 4.6M

    If I add the bone reduction it's 5M
    Double eyelids surgery - 1.2M
    Total: 6M

    My final decision: DES and eyebag removal: 2.4M

    I went to the surgery and waited around an hour for my surgery, by the time I'm out and ready to go it's 3pm already.

    Now my eyes are just swollen, and I recommend to stay in gangnam or nearby so you don't have to travel too far to your hotel. And good to have someone to accompany you. If I remember correctly pitangui even offers pickup though I didn't use it.
  2. Thank you for sharing :smile:

    May I ask how where the attitudes of the doctors and consultants at TL PS and Item? Where they pushy, money-driven, ethical, bored, annoyed, or they listened to your concerns and gave you information about all the side effects?

    Thanks again
  3. Both were very nice although I could sense that doctors were super busy so there's only a small pocket of time I could talk to them.

    TL consultant even told me about her own experiences when it comes to plastic surgery.. Actually cos I didn't ask item's consultant if she did plastic before as she's so pretty. All of them are pretty in fact.. Makes me feel like a small ugly duckling lol

    Anyway today is day after surgery and just like what I've read here and elsewhere before, my eyes are so swollen..
  4. They did give good information and weren't pushy . I think I like TL consultant as I could sense that she's friendlier though I don't know how much of it is real
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