My First Diors...thanks to tPF...Pics

  1. I usually stick to Chloe and BBags, but while bored one evening I started going through the Celebrities and their Diors thread. The end result is two new bags, my first Diors. I love them both and had to share.
    IMG_1821.JPG IMG_1818.JPG IMG_1819.JPG IMG_1820.JPG
  2. same here I saw so many celebs with the gaucho and when I saw how fab it looked on ultimate chic I had to order one too.

    I also want to add to me collection a Dior saddle bag, your satin pink one is to die for :love:
  3. pretty pretty!!! **salivate
  4. That pink evening dior is to die for :drool:

    Could you get a wallet and mobile phone in there comfortably, hows the size.
  5. oooh! another red medium gaucho ^.^

    the pink saddle is very cute too. enjoy them
  6. beautiful!!
  7. My boyfriend thinks the Gaucho is the best handbag style out there today. It's just so different. I love the pink dior bag. Congrats great choices!
  8. It is teeny tiny. The last picture shows a Razr cellphone, the mirror that comes with the bag, and a lip gloss inside. You could add in a couple keys and a slim card case without it bulging, but that is it. No wallet.
  9. Maybe not quite big enough for me but I love it :heart:
  10. congratz on your beautiful new babies kat ! :drool:and welcome to the Dior team! :yahoo:
  11. Love that little pink bag. Cool color.
  12. lovely bags
  13. I LOVE your pink evening saddle!! They're both gorgeous!
  14. congrats! love the pink saddle!
  15. Congratulations.