My First Dior & First Reveal...

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  1. Dior Reveal ...

    Well i've had this one style on my mind...FOREVER... ICONIC...
    The Dior Mini Saddle :heart:
    I've always wanted a Saddle bag... but i didn't want a day bag. I needed a small black satin one and i finally found the perfect one... Never knew they made a mini actually.
    This little cutie is so me. Plus now my Dior pashmina has a partner in crime.
    Ever since Sex in the City i wanted this Saddle style...


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  2. Congratulations! They look so classy together :drool:
  3. thanks eminere!

    next on my list is the lady dior in pale pink =)
  4. Good choice! A Lady Dior never goes out of style.
  5. Soooo cute! I love it. :nuts:

    Congrats, honey! :tup:

    And a Lady Dior is fabulous choice too!
  6. this is gorgeous:heart::drool::heart: ! I have been planning on getting mini saddle for ages , I need to get on it LOL
  7. wow so elegant, love the mini saddle congrats.
  8. Wow what a great find bebelastrange! Congrats! The saddle is so elegant and matches your pashmina perfectly. :yes::heart:

    Looking forward to your Lady Dior reveal next ....:drool:
  9. I love it. I have always loved it. Perfect evening bag.
  10. They look good together. Congratulations.
  11. wow, that's really a timeless beauty, congrats!!
  12. Love it :tup:
  13. beautiful!!! very classic!!!
  14. I thought the saddle line has gone extinct? Please tell me they are still available in stores! I live in a city where there's no Dior stores around. :crybaby:

    What a coincident... my first buy was a saddle bag too (not mini though), and second buy was lady dior! :love:
  15. They are extinct, but you can still find some on eBay and other resellers. :yes: