My first Dior Croc reveal :)

  1. Thank you all for letting me share her ! :smile:
  2. Just fabulous!!!
  3. This is gorgeous congrat. It my HG bag too .😍

  4. Thank you !

    Your HG too ? You have great taste :smile: ..hehe . thank you
  5. This is one stunning bag! Congratulations!!!
  6. Beautiful! :smile:
  7. Lovely! A very soecial bag. Just love the colour!
  8. Such a beautiful colour. It makes the croc look stunning. Enjoy :smile:
  9. Beautiful! ♥

  10. Thank you so much. The color took my breath away. It was love at first sight! :smile: ♥
  11. This bag is a stunning beauty!! :love: Congrats on your purchase!!
  12. beautiful bag! did you see the one on eBay? the price was a steal.
  13. No ! There was one on eBay? I didn't know they sold crocs on there
  14. Oh wow. That one looks pinkish. I though you couldnt sell exotics in CA mmm. Still that's a steal . mine came from London