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  1. I just bought my first Dior bag from a friend's friend. This beautiful mini Lady. It's Like New condition. I fall in love with it when I first saw the photo.
    She said she purchased it around the beginning of last year.
    I'm wondering if anyone know about which season it was and how much the original price was?
  2. Woooow :drool::drool: that is one truly beautiful bag! Is that denim? :loveeyes: its lovely to see an old season bag once in a while here
    My guess would be around Raf Simons time? Im not an expert tbh :lol: just guessing. Im sure Averagejoe or Onemoreday will come along soon to answer your question :yes:
  3. Thank you :heart::heart: I really love it. I was already using it 5 minutes after I got the bag :biggrin:
    At first I thought it's denim, but after some research I think maybe it's tweed instead. lol, I'm so bad at the material.
  4. Congratulations!

    Would you happen to have a picture of the back of the interior tag? What is the date code? We can tell what season it is from, and the approximate retail price.

    It is probably recent because unlike older Lady Dior bags in a similar style from the early 2000s, this one has lambskin handles (they were patent or polished black leather back then).
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  5. thank you :heart::heart:
    The code is MA-0958 :smile:
  6. Wow very beautiful Lady Dior! Congrats!
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  7. Thank you :heart:
  8. It's from 1998, which means that your friend's friend may have purchased it pre-owned. This means that the handles and strap may actually be calfskin, not lambskin.
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  9. Wow!! didn't expect it was from that long ago:shocked:
    The condition is excellent too!
    Any chance you know what was the retail price back then?
  10. The price back then was most likely $500 or so (given that the bag is in "canvas" rather than leather), but that was 2 decades ago when designer prices weren't always in the thousands. Comparable bags from other brands were probably around this price as well.

    Even in 2004, the wildly popular canvas Dior Girly Boston bag was only $695. If the bag was released now, it would be around $2500+.
  11. Thank you so much for such detail information!! Just learned more about my first Dior :heart:
    I really appreciate it :smile::smile:
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  12. beautiful bag
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