My first Dior bag!!

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  1. My first Dior bag should be here on Monday! I know the style of the bag isn't new, but the bag itself is new :P This is my first Dior (other than a Dior saddle which I didn't get and have been kicking myself ever since), and also my holy-grail, so I have to say I'm very excited! :yahoo:I can't believe I got it since it's always been out of my range and I thought always will be! Presenting the large detective in cream that I got for $470 :shame:

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  2. One more:

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  3. WHOA! What an amazing deal!!!!! Congratulations on your new beauty!

    (I'm not too happy about Dior discontinuing the Detective line of bags...I think it was one of their best lines!)
  4. Congrats! Thats such a nice color and style! I remember i was soo excited when i first walked into a dior boutique. What site did you purchase this bag off of?
  5. I bought this off of eBay, but am more than certain this is authentic so that's why I couldn't believe it when I actually won! :yes:
  6. ok congrats!
  7. WOW!! That's an AMAZING deal! I love that bag, it's gorgeous. Post modeling pics when you get her. Congrats!!!
  8. I love the detective line. So classy. Congrats on your great deal - incredible price for this super large size!
  9. Congrats!
  10. wow i love it what a great deal too!!! Isnt it great to get a good deal when u know its authentic!!! Enjoy it :tender:
  11. So, so cute!!!
  12. Wow, that's a steal!
  13. wow..amazing's a fabolous bag..
  14. Thank you all! Yes, the idea of being able to get my bags for cheap spurred me into the realm of authentication, and I'm ecstatic that it has paid off! I always thought the detective line is one of the classiest in Dior; I just can't believe that I would be able to get it now! I don't know why Dior decided to discontinue the line either; why not produce more variations like Fendi has done with their spy? That would be pretty cool. :P
  15. OMG!!! congret! I've been wanted this bag from ever since!
    and you've got a great great deal!!
    its beautiful!