My first dior <3

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  1. To be honest I almost hated the Diorever bag when I first saw it on magazines/pictures etc. But when I was strolling the mall the other day I went inside Dior and saw the bag in person and in the mini size and held it in front of the mirror...and it's like falling in love! I can't believe how structured and well made it is...hope this will become a classic because it truly deserves to be!

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  2. So pretty!!!
  3. It's beautiful! Congratulations on your first Dior!!
  4. Congrats ! It's a beauty. This bag is seriously well made for the price point.
  5. lovely.. i like the colour. Congratulations on your first Dior
  6. Beautiful, congrats!!
  7. congratulations onnyour first Dior! Your mini Diorever is beautiful, and that color is so elegant and versatile. Enjoy!
  8. Very pretty!!!!

    Side note: does everyone have to click on the image now in order to see it? Is there a way to see it without clicking? Thanks!
  9. WOW! Congratulations!!! I can definitely see why the bag made you fall in love. There is something so unique about it, and it is indeed very well made.
  10. Yeah, Meg answered this question in another thread. You have to click on the image to open up the picture and if there are multiple images, you can just scroll in the pop-up window as the images are auto-linked.

    Hope they bring back the old format though! I prefer to see the images without having to click on them.
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  11. Thanks everyone!

    The quality is indeed superb, it is much better quality than my Chanel boy...
  12. Wow the colour strikes a nice balance between being too beige and too nudy pink! Congrats on the purchase!
  13. Thats good to know, how do you think the lambskin Lady Dior holds up to Chanel's lambskin? Im trying to decide which one to get first, as i take time to bond with my bags.
  14. #14 Jun 17, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2016
    Yes it's a perfect neutral shade! It's called poudre rose
  15. Honestly the chanels now are not the chanels before quality wise...or maybe in the fake market they are making them too real...I dunno what it is...I was just at Chanel today and their new collection didn't seem very well made

    It could be just this collection as well as my personal preference/ to answer your question I would go for Dior