My first diamond necklace! From Tiffany!

  1. So after all my musings my fiance bought me this for my birthday! Its a Tiffany 'jazz' necklace, I love the emerald cut stone at the top and the Art Deco design influence.:heart:

    I love it, it falls just at the collar bone, sorry no photos, but my camera doesn't do it justice.

  2. How excited! What an amazing gift! I love diamonds. They look good with everything. I wear my diamond necklace everyday.

    Tiffany diamonds are exceptional. My Tiffany diamond earrings sparkle with such fire when I'm out in the sunlight. I love them!
  3. Ooh la la!!! Enjoy, it is lovely!!!
  4. It's classic.
  5. Congrats and Enjoy!!!
  6. very pretty!
  7. wow, that's beautiful! Congrats!
  8. Thanks so much for the sweet comments! I love how NICE everyone on TPF is! :shame:
  9. Congrats! It's beautiful and classic.
  10. congratulations it's beautiful! and most definitely an AMAZING first diamond necklace :tup:
  11. How gorgeous! congrats!
  12. Very pretty...congrats!!
  13. that's beautiful. congrats!
  14. It's beautiful!!
  15. That is such a gorgeous necklace!!! Congratulations, and well done on setting the standard so high so early on ;)