My first designer bag purchase... Hayden Harnett Inka! Help me decide which color!


Oct 21, 2006
Up until recently I would get my bags at Target or Aldo... However, since getting a big promotion I've decided I'd like to treat myself.

I have my eyes set on the HH Inka, but I can't figure out which color. I really love the chocolate one, but I always wear a lot of black so I'm afraid that would clash. Is it versatile enough in your opinion? Is the plum version really bright?

Also, what does the inside of this bag look like? Is it fabric or suede?

Thank you! :P


May 3, 2007
I have the Inka in saddle, plum, black, and olive. I am loving the saddle. The inside is a really smooth soft-to-the-touch cloth, it feels like velvet, but of course it's not. It is light colored, kind of a tan. It has the HH logo all over it. The plum is not bright - here's a picture of my saddle and the plum

I would think the chocolate would be fine, but if you are wanting to lighten up a bit, maybe the saddle. Maybe you could get one of each. I *do* know that you'll love the Inka before you even get it out of its dust bag.:love:


Apr 2, 2007
Indiaink is THE inka expert, so you'll got pretty much the most informed feedback from her... but i think i also vote for the saddle. i have the Suki in saddle and the leather is SO soft and almost plump... the chocolate leathers from HH are pretty dark and rich, and the saddle might be a better contrast if you are dressed in a lot of black. however, the two colors have a different vibe that you may want to match to your personal style. i find the saddle to be really 'vintage' looking and they definitely named the color right b/c there is something equestrian about the shade! it's more casual and maybe even offbeat/funky IMO than the chocolate... it's a really unique leather that's going to get better with time. i think the chocolate is a tiny bit more dressy or conservative. you really can't go wrong here. HH is my first designer bag obsession (target, h&m & vintage via ebay were my prior go-to's) and you're going to be *thrilled* & completely in love!

Blair Waldorf

Aug 15, 2006
I love the saddle and the plum! I like the plum better personally, but if it's going to be your go-to bag, the saddle is fantastic!


So thankful.
Apr 20, 2006
Firstly, congrats on your promotion, and on your choice of HH! You won't be disappointed.

As far as color goes, I think you should get the color that makes your heart thump. The chocolate is beautiful, and on the HH site you can see it on a model who is wearing black - I don't think it clashes at all.

That said, I agree with the other suggestions for Saddle. It would look fabulous and classy with black, but you could easily wear it with jeans too -- and it would be a great color for summer into fall.