My First Designer Bag - Oversized Oak Alexa...!

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  1. i'm a little late to the party, but your pictures are fantastic - love it!!
  2. hey i have a question, when you put in things into your mulberry oversized alexa, are you able to find stuff easly? Like for example if you have a hobo bag, its a bit more difficult because it all gets kind of lost. But since the alexa is not "firm" on the bottom, is it still in a way easy to find stuff? thanks for sharing your experience!!
  3. p.s I also still go to uni. do you think the bag will "survive" carrying all this stuff around? just asking because before i buy one of these bags I wanna make sure the money is not wastet. thanks again!
  4. Another girl to out-Chung Alexa! Beautiful bag, and Happy Studies!
  5. I dont know about OS Alexa but my regular Alexa is definitely not a workhorse. For an ultimate workhorse I think Bayswater is your safest option.
  6. Oh that really does look gorgeous - fab colour!

    I'm currently dithering between an OS Alexa and a Heritage Bays. I think the Bays would be a bit more practical and sturdy but this isn't helping my decision! :smile:
  7. The Alexa looks amazing - and so are you!! Love your pictures! :heart:
  8. That bag looks amazing IRL. I'm torn between the Oak Alexa or the Chocolate Bays for my first investment. You make this one look good!
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