My First Designer Bag - Oversized Oak Alexa...!

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  1. you look absolutely amazing with the bag :biggrin: now I want it even more
  2. YES! Not attractive.
  3. The bag looks amazing on you. And I love your blog... though it has been responsible for me spending money at Etsy now :smile:
  4. I love the bag on you! It truly looks like it was made for you. Your photographs are amazing and so is your blog!!!
  5. Wowser! Alexa looks perfect on you! Congratulations!
  6. Lovely modelling pictures! :smile:
    I was hopping between the OS butter or oak but ur pictures totally swayed me!

    Thanks for sharing wishwishwish.
    Fingers crossed that mine wont be too orangey!
  7. very nice
  8. These are, like, print advert quality shots, Jeezum Crow! Bravo! :woohoo:
  9. Congrats!! I just got my black oversized alexa today, so excited!! I love how good you look with the satchel! congrats again!

  10. amazing pics!!!
  11. WOW!!! you look incredible in these pics!! and the bag is beautiful too!!
    Totally agree with everyone here, you definitely look better than Miss Chung!

  12. You are fabulous !!! I love your style and your bag !! amazing pictures !!
    I just found the same in regular size, can't wait to get it :smile:
    But I think I'm going to look for an oversized one too !!!
  13. Your pics are truly amazing! Wow! Congrats on your new beatiful Alexa!
  14. looks fab on you, just perfect you were made for each other. huge congrats
  15. Gorgeous Alexa, looks amazing on you.
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