My First Designer Bag - Oversized Oak Alexa...!

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  1. WishWishWish: You look absolutely gorgeous carrying the OS Alexa! She was made for you! You do a better job modeling the bag than Alexa herself! I vote that Mulberry should hire you! Congrats!
  2. I've just stumbled on this thread and OMG what stunning modelling pictures and a great bag. It looks great on you.

    The Alexa is growing on me all the time, I'm going to see if I can get a look at one when I'm in Amsterdam.
  3. :coolpics:

  4. Gosh, you look so beautiful!!!!!!!! i know i should be focusing on the bag. but you made the bag wow. after seeing your pic, i believe the alexa bag and I will be real good friends too. I am so anxiously waiting for mine.....:drool::drool::drool:
  5. very good modelling pictures.....oversized alexa some how doesnt look too big
  6. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  7. Wow!! You have the most beautiful face!

    The OS Alexa looks divine on you - superbly chic yet completely unassuming. It really is perfect for you... I guarantee there will be a rush on OS alexas after people see your modelling shots!

    Congratulations on your first designer bag - the choice could not have been more perfect!
  8. The bag is absolutley fabolous "on" you! Its looks gorgeous! I had decided to wait for the tweed.. but now i dont know anymore! I will definetly go to Mulberry here in Stockholm when they call me, im on the waitinglist for the OS Alexa oak. Congrats! Now i will follow your wonderful blog!
  9. Agree with the others the bag looks great on you!
  10. love!!! this bag suits you!!! fabulous!!!
  11. Gorgeous bag and great photos.
    Mulberry should hire you to model their bags. Would make a change from the starved looking girls with the oddly crimped hair that they are using this season.
  12. Gosh, I'm very envious. The bag and yourself both look amazing!
  13. Our very own "ALEXA" model......who needs Chung when we have you! Congrats on a lovely Alexa and I hope to see more bag modelling pics from you! :yes:
  14. Bumping this thread up - because you worth it (and I am trying to bump down a certain thread as well)
  15. Sorry so late to your fantastic reveal, wishwishwish. You and Alexa look amazing together! Thank your for posting all the pics, they are gorgeous! Congrats on your first Mulberry - what a way to start your collection!
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