My First Designer Bag - Oversized Oak Alexa...!

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  1. [​IMG]

    I took a few more pretty detail shots, but I must say - i'm in love! She was a little bit empty looking in the above pictures, but I carry around so many things at Uni that I needed the oversized. I think it was a great choice!
    I know you're probably all fed up of hearing about them, but let me know if you're interested in seeing some more photographs!
  2. Gorgeous bag:biggrin: Hope you will be very happy together:smile:

    Great modelling too!!!
  3. I think you look absolutely great with your new bag. It really suits you. Well done on your first big purchase!
  4. Yes of course more pics please. You are gorgeous and make the perfect model for this style.
  5. Those are some of the most stunning pics I've seen on this forum ! What a fabulous bag you have you look amazing .
  6. wow! That was really stunning photos! You and the back both look amazing. :yahoo:
  7. Stunning! Definitely more pics please including some close ups.
  8. Gorgeous bag you look great with it :biggrin:
  9. wow, Mulberry should use these shots to market this bag, it looks amazing on you.
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    All I can say is Whow. They are truly stunning pictures, so talented! The bag is very chic on you - better than Alexa herself!! Please post more pictures of your new beauty
  11. The OS Alexa looks great on you. I'm glad you are so pleased with her.
  12. Gorgeous utterly beautiful ..for a moment there thought i was in the wrong thread look like a model .and the bag looks great on you .
  13. Oh great pics, looks really lovely - in fact you look better than Alexa herself with Alexa!! :balloon:
    :coolpics: You will be collecting all the envious look at the uni!
  14. can we have some more photos, one of her being carried messenger style, pleeeaaassseee!!!
  15. THE most amazing modelling shots ever imo. OS Alexa was made for you :woohoo: .
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