My first designer bag! help me please

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  1. HI everyone, I've been lurking on this forum a while, since I've just started getting interested in pocketbooks/purses
    I'm really wanting to treat myself to a designer bag, and I've found out I'll be getting some money next month to do so. :smile:
    I've really been looking into Burberry, and Louis Vuitton. But I want to know you ladies' opinions. I'd prefer leather, but I've noticed Burberry bags are canvas, so I'm not sure if it will break easily.
    Opinions on these bags?

    I REALLY want that messenger bag, so I'm thinking that and some other one. Please help me I'm new at this.
    Oh and it doesn't have to be something for "everyday" or whatever. Just something age appropiate (I'm 20) and something not too small:yahoo:
  2. I have a Burbery messenger bag (not the same one) and I love it. The canvas is so durable, as it is with my LV. It will last you forever. I toss both my LV and Burberry's around and they still look brand new. If you really want the messenger, I'd say go for it.
  3. Go with Louis Vuitton - I find it to be more of a timeless classic bag.
    Congrats on getting your first bag - I'm sure it wont be your last (they are addicting)
    Enjoy bag hunting! :woohoo:
  4. Have you found any LV's that you like? I like both brands so I'd go with whatever you like the most and what you can afford at the moment. I only have one of each because of bills that need to be paid first, but I won't hesitate on getting another Louis. Let us know what you get!
  5. Hi
    Well I'm expecting a couple of thousand dollars, so of course I'll pay bills and rent, but I'll still have money left over for a couple of bags.
    I don't like hopping on bandwagons, but I really like the Louis Vuitton Speedy in 30 or 35. I like big or medium purses so it's size proportioned to my body.
    I also like those graffitti LV bags, the ones with the neon green and pink(or is that red) written all over it. But, it's not on the website, and I don't like going into the LV stores by my house without money!
    So I'm thinking the messenger bag most def. And then another bag. It really sucks I should have gotten that messenger bag when I saw it at a dept. discount store for $350 ( Think a TJ Maxx for designer clothes/bags)
  6. I have both and I find the LV better, whenever I stray from a LV I always regret it!
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    Hi, and congrats on your upcoming adventure in bags.

    I recommend you read in the brand forums you're considering, and elsewhere here too. There's so much good info to help a beginner.

    In case you want to know more about where and how the bags are made, there are discussions here about that. For example: Many Burberry bags are made in China, which may or may not be an issue to you; and LV is made in several locations aside from France, and many bags are produced in the USA--and that is considered very acceptable to most LV consumers.

    Enjoy the hunt!
  8. HI!
    I'm not too picky on where it's made, as long as it LASTS!
    I bought this Via Spiga tote bag a couple of months ago (It's adorable) and it's already breaking :sad:
    I've been reading some of the other forums, Im additicited!
  9. I love Burberry and LV. I think a speedy is classic and great starter bag. I have had mine for years and can not part with it. If you want a messenger bag I would rec. the Burberry Dryden. I also have one of those and love....
  10. *gasps* thats amazing^
  11. ^^^Thanks
  12. Would that fit a notebook inside?? LOL just curious because I need something for school once in a blue, I'm not good with measurements AT ALL!!!
  13. I would go with LV, but I'm just not really a fan of Burberry bags (I love my Burberry wrap tho!) I think LV bags are much more timeless, and I think the Speedy has surpassed being a trend and become a classic bag

    In regards to carrying a bag at school though, Balenciaga bags are great because of the size and shape of some styles. I just have a City and I can my 13 inch Macbook Pro and a couple notebooks.
  14. I love the look of those bags, I'd wonder about the price range, I was looking in the Balenciaga thread and saw the average price was about 2k?? hmmm I'll look into it!
  15. I love the look of the messenger..:biggrin: