My first designer bag! Celine Nano Luggage vs YSL Envelope vs LV Alma BB

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Which bag should I get as my first designer bag?

  1. Celine Nano Luggage Tote

  2. YSL Medium Envelope Bag

  3. LV Alma BB

  1. Hi guys! I’m currently deciding what bag to get as my first designer piece and I'm torn between the Celine Nano in black, YSL envelope in black shw and Alma BB in DE.

    I want a bag that can hold a good amount and must be sturdy and practical. I really love the YSL bag but I fear that the tri-quilt is too busy and trendy and will age the bag in the future. My other choice is the Celine Nano Luggage Tote in black which has an iconic design and look, fits a lot but might be on the casual side. Then there's the Alma BB, love the size but I feel like I won't love it as much as the other two and the DE print will be harder to match my outfits.

    Also, one big criteria is how classic the bag is and if it will be in "style" for years to come. Spending around $1-2k on a bag is a big deal to me since I just obtained my first full time job after graduating from college and I don't want to make the wrong choice. I think I'm leaning towards the Celine Nano since it has more of a classic look and it will be an investment if i can continue to use the bag for years ahead. But I heard since Celine changed their Creative Director, there are rumors saying that he might be discontinuing some of Phoebe Philo's designs.

    Please let me know which bag you would pick as your first designer bag! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Posted this on the YSL, Celine and LV forums to get different perspectives hehe.

    Celine Nano Luggage in Drummed Calfskin Leather and SHW


    YSL Medium Envelope Bag in SHW

    LV Alma BB in DE
  2. I have Alma BB and it really is a classic.

    I'd say choose between the Celine and the Alma BB, they're both classic and will be in style for a long time.
  3. I too have the Alma BB in DE, and I love it. But I'm also lusting after a Celine Nano Luggage, just something about the bag I can't get out of my head. I bought a Celine micro Belt bag last year and I love that too, and feel its a classic, but I'd still love a Luggage. I say get the Luggage as you can probably always get the Alma BB as I don't see that being discontinued ever!
  4. The Nano Luggage and Alma BB are wonderful. They are very chic, versatile and timeless. How to choose ? It depends of what you need to fit in the bag, because the Nano Luggage will have more storage than the Alma BB. Try both and go where your heart goes :smile:
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  5. Hello May!
    So excited for you on your new purse, whatever it'll be!
    To help you, I actually have both, I have the nano luggage (dune) and I also have the bb alma in epi (black).
    Along with the commenters here, both are classic ones, so I also suggest that you cut off your thoughts on the ysl. Celine nano luggage, box, and trio are definitely classics now. LV alma is also a classic, so you won't regret such purchases.
    If budget is not an issue, why not get both! ;)
    If it is, here's some to help you with:
    Nano luggage:
    Very lightweight
    Fits plenty of stuff
    Holds shape
    Black would be amazing (my dune has plenty of stains)
    Celine has a pampering service for their purses, you can go back to celine every 3 years for a pamper service, for free!
    If you're short, the strap can be too long (I'm 5'1), the SAs would suggest you knot it, it really isn't an issue, I've tried it already but it might be a no-no for you if you want to baby your bag.
    Handle is difficult to put on the crook of your arm whether one is slim or not.

    LV BB Alma
    DE is LVs classic print so you can never go wrong with it :smile:
    Storage would be a bit smaller than nano luggage but don't be deceived, it can still hold a lot!
    Can carry shape very well too
    If you pick Epi (just in case), since epi is real leather, not LVs signature canvas coat, make sure you take care of it during storage.. mine got a handle print stuck on the side when I accidentally stored it with the handle down and pressing on to the side. Fortunately, my SA was nice enough to have it replaced though, so maintain that good SA relationship if you pick an epi
    Strap is ok on my height, and can fit better on the crook of my arm
    The lv bb alma (in epi) may also be used on some formal evening functions and can replace your evening purses too, just remove the strap and it's even more classy!

    Hope this helps you out! Tbh, go to the shops and enjoy the shopping process :smile:
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  6. What an exciting purchase! The Celine nano luggage is gorgeous and versatile but I think I may vote for the Alma BB but in black epi for your first designer bag. You mentioned the DE may be harder to match, but the black epi will be black with silver hardware like the other two options. It's classic, very light (suspect lighter than the luggage but unsure) and retails for less too, at least where I am. It is smaller and the black epi makes it look a bit more formal, so depending on your height and intended use it may not work for your lifestyle. Have you tried them on in person? Because both do not have adjustable straps.